The Keys of Life
​​This book is my "Bible"!


It is over 10 years already, since I was a crazy teenager and my Grandma has introducess me to Eva May and gave me The Keys of Life....since thyen my life has changed for good and  for the better. 

I start every day with the affirmations and words of wisdom coming from this book. I feel strong, joyful and my career has expanded. If I got those moments of dought,  fear or anxiety then just open that book intuitively at any page and THIS IS IT! Fhe words written for me to cope with situation or to understand more....I keep going supported by this book every day. Many thanks Eva. I love you. 

- Julia Deja


Divine Matrix

vs Ego Matrix


Eva May

     LFT - Life Field Therapy

Amazing results.


​I have been devastated by my toxic relationship as I got this book as a Xmas gift from my best friend. It was breaking point in my life. I understud the energy flow between people and why emotional vampire attracts a "giver" like me. I learned about management of my hologram of life and how to protect myself. Now I am strong woman. I know who Iam and what I want. I can express with ease. I get free from toxic relationship and set up my own business. I highly recommend LFT especialy for woman who cope with low self-esteem and cope with toxic relationship. Eva May not only shares her gift with us but she is the gift itself. 

- Ashley Hepburn

Absolutely mind blowing.


As I saw the title and author of this article is  a first tought was "another bla bla thing". But my intuition says "open it and read it". So I went through the 40 pages of this article and my mind was blown away by the surprising new approach, professionalism, knowledge, clear language and wisdom beyond the matter of the author- Eva May. She has put together all the most important parts of the most open minded scientiests discoveries about "what that reality is". But most interesting is her concept of those 2 matrixes, 2 realities we are living in at the same time. Highly recomended for someone who need to be set free and understand what is the reality. The good news is - we can choose joy and abboundance. We do need suffer.

- Andrew Stachursky.


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