Centred State of Consciousness (CSC)©

The SHIFT from  “ordinary me”   into    “Charismatic ME”

5 steps to achieve CSC


Personal Empowerment, Mindfulness Meditation, Spiritual Healing

All in one

ONLY video recorded edition available.


CSC© Centered State of Consciousness?

This is about achieving the Best Version of Yourself - Charismatic State in a dalily life - in a 5 steps ONLY!


Practicing this kind of mindfulness is a must to do.

Nowdays are so chaotic and stressfull. We have to develop a proper skills to face challengies and to succeed.

We need to know how to keep high level of self-esteem no matter what.

We need to know how to set the boundaries and how to act assertively, then do not allow  negativness of the outer world effect us.

CSC is also a state of mind-heart coherence which allows you to be intuitively guided, to become more creative and coraugious, to increase self-esteem, to perform non-verbal communication - heart to heart/soul to soul, to heal any conflict and solve relationship problems.


This is also about activation a Positive Esence within, Light within, instead being nervous or depresed.

Once you activate the LIGHT WITHIN, you are able to understand, to heal,  to solve any conflict and establish friendly, loving relationship with any "difficult" people.

This is highly positive, peaceful and energized state - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually fulfilled.

By practicing CSC you develop ability to learn, to focus and become well organized multitask with ease.

Your capacity of the brain, memory, the level of creativity, skills to solve any problems, to take care of multitask life challenges - are incredibly enhanced.

CSC state is possible to achieve for everyone, by practicing LFT 5 stages of mindfulness meditation, breathwork, powerful invocations and visualizations.


Following that practice you will be able to activate hidden resources of your unique talents, skills and wisdom.

You will learn how to set the boundaries of protection and you will have been not manipulated or used by others any more .

People will adore and respect you instinctively everywhere you will be presented - at home or workplace.

Once you are connected with the Light Within and you have filled up your soul and body by this extremely pure, calm and powerful  energy, then you become Master on your own.

Multidimensional healing occurs at many levels - trauma, fear, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, chronic pain, psycho-soma physical diseases, relationship difficulties and other...will be gone.

You will be SHIFTING from "ordinary me" into " CHARISTMATIC ME".

You will get priceless benefits coping with the challenges of a daily life with ease, knowing how to get the Centered State of Consciousness any time you need it.

Imagine…how great your life could be!


She is a founder and facilitator of CSC© workshops.

She is certified LFT Master Coach, LFT Life Field Therapy founder, NLP life coach, NLP hypnotherapist, spiritual healer and teacher, mindfulness meditation facilitator, intuitive.

20 years of professional experience.

You can trust Eva's professional experience and knowledge. Over those 20 years she has taught thousands of students and facilitated thousands of individual sessions. She run LFT workskops in Poland, Europe, Australia and on-line webinars worldwide.

You can count on Eva's empathy, understanding and intuitiuve insight.


Masterclass Series

CSC© Centered State of Consciousnes.

Are designed and facilitated by Eva May

LFT Master Coach and Spiritual Teacher.

Video recorded limited edition available.

4 classes / 90 minutes each.

Price: $160

Special Discount 50% - 

limited edition for 10 first purchases.

$80 ONLY!

Contact Eva May to order



1.  Discount 20% of one LFT individual sessions 1:1

for CSC 4 Masterclass Edition one purchase.


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CSC Workshop Series

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