Spiritual Journey, Divine Mother’s Whisper Healing, Guided Meditation.

I am inviting you for that profound spiritual and self-healing journey. For reconnection with Divine Mother’s Love and Compassion. We need so much to feel Her and to be guided by Her over our life journey on this Earth.  We need to heal our wounded hearts by Her unconditional love and to feel protected.

Divine Mother is known and described in so many different ways in a different cultures – Quan Yin in Mahayana Buddhism- Asia (Goddess of the Compassion, Love and Mercy), Isis in the Egyptian mysteries, Shakti in Hinduism, Virgin Mary in Christianity...

or OYA... Heavenly Sacred Female Being who has appeared to me during my spiritual meditation 20 years ago.

Since then I have channeled OYA’s messages and Healing Energy very often. I have shared those Divine Mother’s vibration with people all over the world by facilitating the State of Light Meditation and a healing journey, live on workshops or on-line. She taught me how to activate Divine Heart Chakra and generate the Universal Divine Light within to transform our common state into Charismatic State, rise counsciousness and cleanse the Aura.

She taught me how to travel over the timelines of our karmic existence, to heal the traumas of our past lives which have impacted out present and future circumstancess.

I am intuitively guided by Her Wisdom, by Her words and loving vibration. I am whispering Her words, which I am channeling during meditation. Then my voice tone and personal vibration is changing because of Her presence.

Those people who have experienced Divine Mother’s Whisper meditation and healing with me, have described it as a deepest healing journey they ever experienced. They used to call me “a healing voice”.

I would love to invite you to join me to explore that spiritual journey to absorb healing vibrations and whispers for your Highest Good.

I can promise you…at the end of that Divine Mother’s Whisper meditation, you will find yourself fully relaxed and healed. Embraced by Loving Light and Divine Protection.


Tuesday 22nd of September,

95 Georgetown Dr, Safety Bay WA

6pm till 8pm.

No need to bring a mat - all participants are sitting on sofas and chairs.

Spaces limited to 10.


$20 payment on-line

$25 cash at the door

Please CONFIRM on-line payment

via email or messenger.

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