LFT Life Field Therapy - offers various forms of life coaching, spiritual coaching and healing:

* life coaching * spiritual coaching * hypnotic re-programming * chronic pain & trauma treatment * spiritual-sound healing * mindfulness *

Please complete Client Info-Sheet before each LFT Session.

Send via email: lftcoachingewamay@gmail.com.     

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BONUS! audio recording of the subconscious re-programming process, meditation, healing - is included in price.

Special discounts and FREE services during the time of COVID-19
LFT Session 1:1 on-line $60/60 min
or if you short of money please donate whatever you can
LFT Coaching - initial: 90min/$110
LFT Coaching - subsequent: 90 min/$90
LFT Coaching - 5 sessions in 3 weeks/pass: $400
discount -27%!
LFT Life Coaching.
It combines fast track NLP tools and modern hypnotherapy along with the unique tools of LFT Life Field Therapy: management of personal hologram of life (Eva May is the inventor of that treatment) and quantum energy healing. The objective is to activate healthy and powerful attitude versus life challenges, increase self-esteem and self-awareness of who I AM. Become the one who is in charge to create and manage personal life circumstances, set up the right goals, deal with difficult relationships with ease, protect itself against psychic vampires, to keep high level of life energy force, keep to be focused and have a peace of mind under stress and pressure...etc -
LFT Life Coaching is able to teach you much more than this. The main LFT Life Coaching practice, a foundation of the whole treatment, is the Heart Centred State - alignment of the mind, emotions, heart, spirit and body in one integrate, powerful state. Charismatic state with high level of self-esteem, with no fear, no doubt, no weakness.
LFT Spiritual Coaching - initial: 2 hours/$120
LFT Spiritual Coaching - subsequent: 90 min/$90
LFT Coaching - 5 sessions in 3 weeks/pass: $400

LFT Spiritual Coaching/Healing.

This is spiritual version of LFT Life Coaching. For those who is seeking  develop spiritual growth. The foundation of  LFT, mindfulness practice - Heart Centred State is very important to achieve to deal with the whole process. LFT Spiritual Coaching transforms ones common consciousness into a State of Light. It means one can feel and act after that session as en-boded Higher Self in a physical body. Then there is more to learn to keep that state in a daily life. It helps to live every moment wisely with ease and follow synchronicity. The ones healing power, intelligence and creativity in that state, inner wisdom, intuition, inner power and understanding is beyond the common perception. 




Hypnotherapy/re-programming session 1:1/ 60 minutes  is designed to make a positive shift by changing old patterns into the new healthy ones. Highly effective to get rid of fear, worries, mental chaos, toxic habits, behaviors, thoughts, emotions, relationships, other...and create healthy, positive ones. It is also fantastic way to re-invent ourselves. 
Hypnotherapy Initial - $90/60 min
Hypnotherapy Subsequent - $70/60 min
Hypnotherapy 4 pass - $240
Chronic pain/trauma-fast track treatment by
numeric codes.
Chronic pain is caused by chronic emotional trauma  which has been kept for a long time in a cellular memory of the body.  It is able to be healed to the point of total vanishing by soft hypnotic induction powered by invoking out loud numeric codes and affirmations created for that and only individual problem. The process of pain/trauma  releasement is able  to re-programme subconscious mind into healthy state free of pain and trauma. This is Fast Track Treatment. Based on a power of the numbers and their healing vibration which creates an positive and transformational impact on subconscious mind.  The healing voice of practitioner is also important, who verbalize the true meaning what is the cause of the problem. Practitioner verbalize the  name of  toxic program (truth releasement)  and invokes the numeric code of healing program. Client is able to get rid of chronic pain very fast within one session only. But to keep and establish that state for good we need a few subsequent sessions. 
Pain Initial session:  60 min/$90
Pain Subsequent sessions: 60 min/$70
Pain 4 sessions pass: $240
CSC Women's Empowerment Masterclasses

Women’s Empowerment Masterclass

CSC- Centered State of Consciousness

The SHIFT from "common me" into "Charismatic ME".


Awareness * Empowerment * Stillness


Every second Thursday from 7.30pm till 9.30pm: 2 hours

Mandurah Wellness Centre

Booking essential. 

CSC Casual - $45

CSC  2 pass - $80

CSC 4 pass - $120


Join us

to inspire yourself, to empower your feminine wisdom, courage and creativity, to uplift your soul.  

We create feminine tribe of women on the same path to a great achievement.


Every session covers: 

*Embracing Divine Feminine within.

*Empowering yourself to become Who You Truly Are.

*Setting up very own life path and clear up ideas of the future achievements.

*Setting the boundaries of protection.

*Mindfulness Meditation Practice - Centered State of Consciousness.


This is LFT Coaching for immediate change and empowerment. Can help you to go through Immediate Positive Transformation.


At the end of each session: 

Mindfulness Meditation, Breathwork, Sound-healing.

Sound & Spiritual Healing
This is the sound bath of the healing vibration of Giant Tibetan singing bowls and other sound healing tools plus healing mantras and invocations. Practitioner is trained to use healing sound of the voice to invoke powerful affirmations and mantras. Highly recommended for someone who needs to dive in into the ocean of tranquillity and to fell disconnect of the problems and stress. It brings deep mind/body relax,  aura purification and uplift your spirit to the dimension of Light. 
Sound Initial session: 40 min/$50
Sound Subsequent sessions: 40 min/$40
Sound 4 sessions pass: $120


Address: Perth/Safety Bay 6169 WA


Call us:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ph: +61 8 95286097  M: +61 04526119

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 7 pm 


Email: lftcoachingewamay@gmail.com

Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/ewa.may1


Skype: indigo1400


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