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MBMH© is a holistic, mindful aproach to achieve higher state of consciousness

True Self/Charismatic State

throughout mindful breathing, meditation & healing.






If you are beginner

I am offering FREE basic

teaching and practice of


Level 0 basic FREE: VMB – Vertical Mindful Breathing

You Tube video introduction to this practice - to learn how calm the mind, relax the body, freeing yourself of stress

and overcome everyday life challengies with ease.

 You can practice along with me just watching this video below.






Then if you are ready

to explore and achieve more of it




Level 1: VMB - Vertical MIndful Breathing

Full technique -  1 masterclass 2 hours.

Level 2: SMB – Spacial Mindful Breathig.

Full technique - 2 masterclass 2 hours.

To deepeing and mastering MBMH practice.

To calm the mind, relax the body, rise the level of energy,

Tap into Divine Central Chakra, strenghten aura and overcome everyday life challengies.

Level 3: CSC – Centered State of Consciousness

To get into the higher state of consciousness, to expand field of Every-Possibilities,

to reconnect with a True Self,

to have positive impact on a people and circumstances.

Level 4: TS/CS – True Self/Charismatic State

To achieve highly empowered Charismatic state

The Best Version of Yourself

and stay connected with Divine Source at all times.







You do not need to have any previous experience

to practice MBMH©



You do not need to be an expert in meditation to do this.

I will guide you through the process step by step

and teach you the best mindful breathing technique ever.


Booking required

Payment in advance to secure your spot.

You can find more videos and podcasts

on my you tube channel


or on my fanpage


Messenger: https://www.facebook.com/ewa.may1
Email: lftcoachingewamay@gmail.com



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