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MBMH© is a holistic, mindful aproach to achieve higher state of consciousness

True Self/Charismatic State

throughout mindful breathing, meditation & healing.




Level 1 basic FREE: VMB – Vertical Mindful Breathing

To calm the mind, relax the body, freeing yourself of stress and overcome everyday life challengies with ease.

Level 2 basic FREE: SMB – Spacial Mindful Breathig

To calm the mind, relax the body, rise the level of energy, strenghten aura and overcome everyday life challengies.

Level 3 advanced: CSC – Centered State of Consciousness

To get into the higher state of consciousness, to have positive impact on a people and circumstances.

Level 4 advanced: TS/CS – True Self/Charismatic State

To achieve highly empowered state of being The Best Version of Yourself, stay connected with Divine Source.





I am offering you for FREE

teachings and practices of

LEVEL 1 & 2

Because I want to help as many people as possible

to go through these challenging times.

Level 1 FREE: VMB - Vertical Mindful Breathing

Level 2 FREE: SMB - Spacial Mindful Breathing.

 You can practice along with me just watching this video below.















You do not need to have any previous experience to practice MBMH© Level 1,2.

It is based on a deep breathing and designed to calm your mind,


relax the body


and receive healing.



MBMH© Level 1,2 is designed to benefit those people

who do not have enough time

or do not have enough patience

for practicing long lasting meditation or breathwork.


MBMH© 1, 2 Level - are the easy and handy way to

Calm the mind quickly

Relax your body

Get rid of stress, anger, worries, tension

within minutes.

To build emotional balance

Uplift the mood and keep positive attitude.

Cleanse the aura

Strenghten the aura.

Set strong boundaries of your personal energy field

against any negativity.



You do not need to be an expert in meditation to do this.

I will guide you through the process step by step

and teach you the best mindful breathing technique ever.



I will appreciate if you can DONATE

whatever you feel just to exchange energy

for my  Free teachings and services on your behalf.




MBMH© 3, 4 Level

An advanced practice

designed for people

who have mastered

level 1 & 2

Booking required

Payment in advance to secure your spot.



Level 3. CSCCentered State of Consciousness

Level 4. TS/CS – True Self/Charismatic State.

Are designed for those people who

want to go deeper

into the

spiritual state of consciousness

explore possibilities 

of self-empowerment 

practice multidimentional healing

through out the time-lines

of Personal Hologram of Life 

become emodied Light of Higher Consciousness

and to learn how express


in everyday life.


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