Mindfulness Meditation and Spiritual Healing

 Classes every second Thursday


Divine Heart Chakra Activation. 

Breathwork. Sound Healing. 


Every first and last Thursday of the month.
Safety Bay WA. Private place.
Only 10 spots available.
Booking essential.
6.30pm till 8pm - 90 min.
Energy exchange:
$25 - casual/$30 at the door
$40 - 2 classes pass
$60 - 4 classes pass
$10 discount till 31 Jan 2020.
​You do not need to have any previous experience in meditation or breathwork practice.
Mindfulness Classes

Let me introduce  you to the STATE of LIGHT - mindfulness meditation and spiritual healing all in one.


There is something else  to explore - unique concept of the Quantum Hologram of Life (QHL).

The State of Light, is the highly positive result of this particular mindfulness meditation, developed over many years by Eva May – founder of LFT – Life Field Therapy.


This kind of guided meditation practice is based on a conscious rhythm of deep relaxing breathing, going through 5 stages, powerful healing invocations, specific visualizations and Light of Divine Heart Chakra Activation.


One who is practicing it on a daily basis is able to reach the State of Light Within.


The State of Light is achievable not only by spiritual oriented people who are practicing different ways of meditations over the years but is possible to achieve by everybody.

It helps to connect with the spiritual part of you, the Light Within and to make your Soul happy. Spiritual Healing is a natural part of that process.

As soon as you decide to start that practice, is good to know that you are living in the Hologram of the Field of Life (HFL) and the Aura is only a part of it.


QHL is an invisible energy field packed with billions of information. This is a huge library which contains all emotional memories (good and bad) from this lifetime and all previous lives.


Once you are settled in the center of QHL, then you are constantly connected with everybody and everything around you – from your past, present and even future.

Being placed at the CENTER of QHL means you are in charge to have positive impact on EVERYTHING you are connected with.

The STATE of LIGHT means: you have activated Light Within, got entirely calmed mind, your ego lose its right to be always right and cooperates with Higher Self.

This is the only state when ego allows to be guided by wisdom and intuition which comes from the heart.


STATE of LIGHT Mindfulness Meditation and Spiritual Healing classes are hosted and facilitated by Eva May - LFT Master Coach, Hypnotherapist, Spiritual teacher and  Meditation teacher, with more than 20 years of professional experience.


Classes are enriched by the  sound healing of singing bowls.


You do not need to have any experience in meditation or breathwork practice.


Address: Perth/Safety Bay 6169 WA


Call us:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ph: +61 8 95286097  M: +61 04526119

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 7 pm 




Skype: indigo1400


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