If you are in that state of consciousness then...

You Are the Center & the Axis

of Your personal

Quantum Hologram of Life.

You can manage

personal Quantum Hologram of Life.

Your powerful intention, projection, decision

all of them are in tune with the Highest Good

being able to activate the best of You and for You

so for Others. 

You are able to overcome your obstacles.

You feel protected.

You have no fear anymore.

You feel strong, focused and have no doubt.

You are extremely creative and intuitive. 

Your goals come true with ease

and synchronicity is shaping every task.

The people around respect you and admire.


You are the living proof of the presupposition:

"I CAN - the impossible simply does not exist".

You are the Inspiration for others. 

You are the CHANGE.

LFT Sessions


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LFT- Life Field Therapy

 NEW AVENUE in a life coaching and spiritual healing - life changing process.  


This modality combines the most effective tools of life coaching, zen coaching, spiritual coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy, quantum healing, sound healing, hologram of life management.

LFT treatment and life changing process is based on a  management of Quantum Hologram of Life (QHOL) - image on the left,

of which we are living inside permanently.  

The QHL energy field is NOT an Aura field.

Which is egg-shape and it is only an expression of the colors of the chakras and also of mental/emotional/spiritual state.



QHOL is much more. This is an energy sphere which contains the whole INFORMATION  about us: our emotional memories placed on a different timelines (past), the moment of NOW (present) and various possibilities of our life scenario (future), depending on our choices.  


LFT operates with highly effective, professional  tools and uses a totally NEW for a life coaching/healing practices  created by Eva May (e.g. Number Codes - very fast pain and trauma treatment), which direct you straight to the POSITIVE CHANGES you never expected before.      



LFT copes with:

stress, fear, anxiety, negative emotions and habits, trauma, depression, low self-esteem, chronic pain, migraine,  toxic relationships, addictions, the sense of life purpose, who am I, setting the goals, activation of inner power, creativity, leadership, success, learning skills, other.


For those people who have already found their purpose and authentic ME...this modality offers something more....spiritual growth, divine consciousness  activation in a daily life, development of intuition, access to the heart wisdom and guidance,  the State of Light and permanent connection with a Higher Self.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


Highly positive, spiritual, powerful and healthy state of consciousness.

You are the living, material human being but at the same time you are the energy, divine consciousness. The spirit and physical being at the same time, manifesting itself by different frequencies and within different dimensions. 

Same as the whole Universe does.


If you stay in tune with Divine Light and Wisdom of your own Divine Heart

then you become vivid manifestation and 

physical expression of

Light Being- Light Spirit

and Divine Wisdom

in action in a daily life.

Then you know what is the higher purpose of the ones life on the Earth plan.


Then you are able to heal and inspiring others

with no intention to do so.

Then you are the CHANGE  because

you are the LIGHT.

Meditation classes

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Growth

Sound Healing


Quantum Hologram of Life.

You are the  one who create anything you need for you and others Highest Good.

LFT Sessions on-line booking. For the new clients 20 min consultation FREE.


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