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for interconnection & healing

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About the Host


I was brought to this world in Poland but since 2006 I live in Australia permanently. I was born as a very sensitive and shy girl but blessed with the GIFT of healing hands, a healing voice, the ability to heal other’s people pain, and perform intuitive compassionate channeling. I was always dedicated to helping people.

For more than 28 years I am working in the field of healing, spirituality, transforming people’s lives into better, and professional life coaching NLP/LFT. I’ve gained vast knowledge and experience.  

It was only a matter of time for me to establish the original modality of LFT Life Field Therapy, acknowledged and registered by IICT.

My passion is to explore how the human mind and subconscious work, how healing energy works, what is a personal hologram of life, and what to do to embody a spiritual being within into physical existence and to live everyday life as an expression of the Higher Self.

I am fascinated by the fabrics of the Divine Matrix and experimenting with the law of Manifestation.

But the people all over the world love the most my “healing voice” as I run those guided mediations…so here I am…for you.

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Special Interest Tribe
to join a meditation group online.

“The Light within connects us all”.


I would love to invite you to join this special interest tribe and practice together

State of Light - meditation for interconnection and healing.


What we need the most these days, is to find a way to:

silence the mind

let go

feel safe

comfort the body

heal the heart and emotional wounds

raise self-esteem

gain inner power

activate inner compass to be sure where to go and what to do

not feel lonely anymore in that crowdy world.


This mediation activates Light of Divine Heart Chacra within.


This is a spiritual and healing journey. Leading us to tap into the Light of the Heart –

your Divine Essence within.

As soon as you are able to achieve that beautiful state

it lets you dive into the infinite Ocean of Calmness and Divine Love, to feel calm, loved, and guided by Divine Compassionate Light.

Your consciousness will be transcended into the Higher Self’s wisdom, love, and understanding.

And you be able to share this Light of Healing with others, to help loved ones feel better too.


At the end of that practice, you can feel interconnected with other people’s hearts, and with the Divine Universe, experiencing that bond deeply.

The bond made by the Light within…from the heart to heart…from soul to soul.

This kind of meditation and healing practice is recovering us from the illusion of separateness, and we can feel really, truly interconnected with like-minded people here and all over the world, with soul sisters and brothers,

beyond physical comprehension, for our Greatest Good.

We meet every second Sunday of the month

via ZOOM room online live at 10am Perth WA time Zone.

60 min each meeting.

Next meeting 8th of May 2022.

You can attend for FREE if you become a member of

Our Sacred Community


you pay $10 each time.

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