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This session combines fast-track NLP tools, modern hypnotherapy, and unique  LFT Life Field Therapy tools: management of personal hologram of life (Eva May is the inventor of that modality), then also energy healing.
The objective is to activate a healthy and powerful attitude versus life challenges, increase self-esteem and self-awareness of Who I AM. Become the one who is in charge to create and manage personal life circumstances, setting up the right goals, dealing with difficult relationships with ease, protecting itself against psychic vampires, keeping a high level of life energy force, keep to be focused, and having peace of mind under stress and pressure...etc.
LFT Life Coaching is able to give you much more than this.
The main LFT Life Coaching practice, a foundation of the whole treatment, is the Heart Centred State - alignment of the mind, emotions, heart, spirit, and body in one integrated, powerful state.
This is a Charismatic State with a high level of self-esteem, with no fear, no doubt, no weakness. But strength and self-awareness. It has helped thousands of people to get back on track, establish profitable businesses, and become genuine leaders.
Booking Essential. Payment in advance.
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