LFT Founder

25 years of study and professional experience 

in Poland, Europe, Australia and worldwide.

On-line courses, face to face LFT sessions, on-line webinars, mindfulness live streaming.  

Life Field Therapy is worldwide recognized and registered by complementary modality - IICT - International Institute of Complementary Therapies.

Eva is living in Western Australia - Perth.

Meditation Teacher

Spiritual Teacher/Healer. 

Mindfulness Meditation facilitator. Author of various mindfulness, life/spiritual coaching practices: 

MBMH Course - Mindful Breathing Meditation Healing, Centered State of Counsciousness - Heart Centered breathing practice,  State of Light - spiritual practice; Become a Tue Self, The state of Charismatic ME; Setting the Boundaries - personal shield of protection; Non verbal Souls communication; Mind-Ego sabotage; Karmic Contracts, other.

LFT Master Coach
NLP Life Coach

LFT Coaching Academy  founder. LFT - Life Field Therapy.

LFT CA established in January 2013. Seminars, Workshops, Webinars, On-line Courses, LFT Prak. basic/adv Diploma, LFT Coach Licence.

NLP Coach - Member of American Board of NLP/Hypnotherapy.



Life Empowerment, Life Coaching workshops and meetup groups. in Australia, Poland and worldwide.  Mindfulness meditation "Heart Centered State", sound healing - meetups are held in different places. Sometimes at the Sunset of the Indian Ocean foreshore Rockingham WA. Members are sharing various healing modalities, meditations, spiritual practices. Every first Saturday of the month - Safety Bay WA. 

LFT Sessions

Life/Spiritual Coaching; Hypnotherapy; setting powerful intentions, healing invocations, theta subconscious life changing programming. 

Setting the goals and discovering true life purpose;


Trauma fast track treatment; Chronic Pain removal with Numeric Codes; Toxic patterns;

LFT Time Line Therapy; Guidance by Higher Self; Perfect Relationship- conflict treatment; the power of the heart communication;

Hologram of Life Management; Centered State - mindfulness meditation practice;

Sound Healing; Soul path reading, other.


Eva has published 2 books and many articles about LFT Life Field Therapy,  the Keys of Life and Healing of the Hologram of Life. Articles about Divine Matrix vs Ego Matrix,  Nature of Time, What is Behind the Reality, Mind Control and how to become your True Self - have helped thousands of people  to understand better ourselves and  the world around.  Those books are in the process of translation into English and  will be published as e-books very soo