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LFT is a NEW AVENUE in a life coaching, alternative therapies and  spiritual healing - all in one. It combines best NLP and LFT tools, Zen Coaching, mindfulness meditation, breathwork, and modern hypnotherapy. Is based on a management of QHOL - Quantum Hologram of Life. The personal sphere of energy and information.
Eva May is a founder of this modality registered in IICT. LFT uses highly effective, professional tools and original life coaching/healing practices created by Eva May (e.g. Number Codes - very fast pain and trauma treatment). LFT process is directing you straight into the POSITIVE SHIFT you couldn't expect.     

Quantum Hologram of Life (QHOL) is a personal territory, the energy sphere you are living inside. It contains every invisible connections between you and outer world and every emotional memory of yours. LFT life changing process is based on a management of QHOL.

The QHL energy field is NOT an Aura field.

QHOL is much more. This is an energy sphere which contains the whole INFORMATION about you: emotional memories placed on a different timelines (past), the moment of NOW (present) and various possibilities of our life scenario (future), depending on our choices.  

LFT helps to cope with:

stress, fear, anxiety, negative emotions and habits, trauma, depression, low self-esteem, chronic pain, migraine, toxic relationships, addictions, the sense of life purpose, who am I, setting the goals, activation of inner power, creativity, leadership, success, learning skills, other.

More: This modality offers something more for those people who are seeking spiritual growth, develop higher intuition, to have access to the heart's wisdom and inner guidance,  to have permanent connection with a Higher Self.