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Women's Circle

Rise & Shine Together

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ABOUT this circle. 


This meetup group and an online Facebook group - Women's Empowerment Circle - Rise & Shine Together have been created to thrive and light up in feminine energy.


I have created this group in January 2021 as an opportunity for all the women who need to be inspired, uplifted, seeking support, and want to meet like-minded Soul Sisters, to have a voice, to be heard, feel Rise & Shine Together! 

This Women's Empowerment Circle is about to connect heart to heart with compassion, share life stories, give and receive emotional support with no judgment, tap into the inner guidance, meditate, breathe deeply to calm the mind, dive into a blissful relaxation state, and receive healing.

Also, every time we meet we are doing some “magic” by choosing an inspirational card to get the answer and unfolding the message coming from the Universe.

I am facilitating blissful, guided meditation using my voice tone as a healing tool and leading you into the State of Light -

deep meditative state and multidimensional healing.

We are going to create together a friendly, high vibrational, feminine environment, which can feed our souls with blissful energy and sisterhood support.

All of this is helping us to change our perspective on life, calm the mind, light up the heart, find answers to our questions, and rejuvenate ourselves.

This meetup is NOT free anymore,
because I must pay to hire the room, to provide us shelter from the rain, wind, and cold, to feel comfortable and warm.



Because we are coming from different Perth suburbs,

I run this meetup group in 2 different places, on 2 different days.

For Rockingham Community and surroundings,

we meet every second Wednesday of the month at 5.30 pm

at Rockingham Library

ADDRESS: Rockingham Library.
Dixon Rd, Rockingham 61668 WA
Small Meeting Room, Level 2
WHEN: Wednesday 8th of June, at 5.30 pm.
Rockingham Library

For ladies from the whole Perth area

we meet at South Fremantle, every second Sunday at 11 am.

ADDRESS: The Meeting Place Community Center

245 South Terrace, South Fremantle WA 6162.
SUNDAY 12th of June at 11 am.


Every meetup lasts around 90 minutes.

For any updates, when/where, and a program, please browse here.


Over July and August, this meetup will be running ONLY

online live via Zoom and FB.

I had to set the rule of contributing and book a spot in advance.

Please pay online $10 for each meetup, as I must hire a room.

Please RSVP and book your spot here at least 3 days before the event, to secure your spot, as the place is limited!

Do not hesitate to call me if you cannot find us.

My mob: 0402526119
Eva May



I am a woman dedicated to helping other women rise & shine, and I have been doing my job for over 25 years. 

I was born in Poland and lived in Australia for 15 years and I know what it means to struggle with finding the right place to follow your path, feeling as if you belong, then succeed in starting your business or studying in a new land.

I am a Certified LFT Life Coach, I am a mindfulness meditation teacher, spiritual healer, and writer with 25 years of professional experience. I am focused on thriving, learning, inspiring, staying in tune with the Divine, and enjoying Nature.


I would love to share with you, Soul life stories, experiences, a time together, energy, inspiration, meditation, mindfulness practices,  spiritual trips, having a coffee or picnic together, laughter and joy.

If you feel like joining our meetup group and receiving updates about our future meetings, 

please go to:

Or you can join our facebook group


Eva May

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