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Rise & Shine Together

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What this circle is about.


This in-person meetup group and an online Facebook group - Women's Circle - Rise & Shine Together (free of charge).

I have created this group in January 2021 as an opportunity for all the women who need to be inspired, uplifted, seeking support, and want to meet likeminded Soul Sisters, to have a voice, to be listened, to empower and support each other....to Rise & Shine Together! 


I got this idea out of the blue, that wow!....I have potential with all my experiences, to help other women this way to find each other, to help develop self-esteem and courage to shine, to inspire ourselves and to heal our wounds, to feel liberated, healthier, calmer, lighter, and stronger.


I am a woman dedicated to helping other women to rise & shine, and I am doing my job for over 25 years already. 

I was born in Poland, lived in Australia for 15 years and I know what it means to struggle with finding the right place to follow your path, feeling as you belong, then succeed in starting your business or study on the new land.

I am a Certified LFT Life Coach, I am a mindfulness meditation teacher, spiritual healer, and writer. I am focused on thriving, learning, inspiring, staying in tune with Divine, and enjoying Nature.


I would love to share with you, Soul Sisters...my life stories, experiences, a time together, energy, inspiration, healthy food, meditation at the sunset and morning swimming in the ocean, walking, spiritual trips, having a coffee or picnic together, laughter and joy.


I am inviting you to attend our Sunday fortnight meetups "Picnic in the Park" or join our Facebook group - to be inspired and uplifted, to share freely your life stories, some ideas which could inspire us, to support and motivate each other, to create trustworthy space for the Soul Sister's friendship.

If you feel like joining our meetup group and receiving updates about our future meetings, 

please go to:



Or you can join our facebook group



Eva May

It is my invitation call to meet up in person

Picnic in the Park announcement.

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