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about becoming an intuitive healer(physical/emotional pain)
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
then NLP Life Coach, LFT Master Coach, and Hypnotherapist.


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I was born in Poland but since 2006 I live in Australia permanently.

I was always drawn by the desire to serve and contribute something meaningful to other people’s lives.

I am passionate about helping women to develop self-awareness and become the best version of themselves, by mastering the ways to deal with emotional trauma, overcome stress, and anxiety, raise self-esteem, find the power to create their own life, stop being a victim, and have a voice in relationships.

I am a certified NLP/LFT life coach and hypnotherapist, mindfulness meditation teacher, and healer with more than 25 years of experience.

I was trained as an NLP life coach and hypnotherapist in Poland and Australia. My trainers from both countries used to say that I have a gift and should continue that path to help people.

Over the years I have developed the idea to create my own original modality LFT Life Field Therapy, using all my knowledge and experience, which is registered and recognized by IICT.

My favorite way of helping people is using the tools and strategies of LFT, holistic, complementary therapy.

As an NLP/LFT life coach, I am specialized in helping women to develop strong self-esteem and become who they truly are again.

Since a young age, I have shown a gift of empathy, the ability to listen and help solve other people's problems. I used to be known also as a "healing hands", and a "healing voice".

I deliver "Body Pain Releasement"  sessions as well. I've helped so many people get rid of physical/emotional pain.

I was always fascinated by how the human mind and subconscious work. How healing energy works.

I have studied different ways of healing the body, especially healing pain by using the power of the mind and energy, distance healing, not only touch.

I used to be a successful life coach, well-known healer, meditation teacher, also intuitive channeller, back in Poland over many years.

Then I started studying the law of attraction, what is the fabric of the Matrix, what is the holographic universe and personal hologram of life, and how the theory that everything is connected impacts our lives and health, and I was amazed by timeline therapy.

Since I started to study also the law of karma, everything that I have experienced personally and what I have observed in the lives of other people, appeared to me as a clear "cause & effect" principle and has helped me understand WHY all of it is going like that.

I am helping people to understand WHY all those dramas happened in their lives, how to change, and believe in themselves again.

I teach how to cope with toxic relationships and use non-verbal communication from the heart,  to fix the conflicts, how to communicate with a man to make him listen, how to get out from the dark into the light and make a shift from negative into a positive mindset

Let me share a few words about my spiritual/self-awareness/life coaching/ energy healing....journey.


This is 28 years already as I am exploring various paths to understand better and to know more about how magical is the connection between the human mind (every thought), our emotions, the energy field, the past lives' memories imprinted in a hologram of life, the impact it has on the physical body and on the whole life itself. How much every thought and even the smallest subconscious intention can affect the shape of our health, relationship, and life in general.

Once upon a time, 28 years ago back in Poland ( I am born in Warsaw), I have set the intention...a desire to find out the alternative way to get rid of a few mysterious allergies I have suffered over the years and chronic pain in my body.

Back then the doctors didn't know how to help me. They could not find a source of that pain in me and also they could not find a cause of those allergies. I was OK. I was a kind, positive, and peaceful young girl. But I was not OK at the same time.

The doctors found me physically healthy and referred me to go to some kind of psychosomatic specialist. He was not much helpful as well.

Today I know, that my health condition has been caused by some experiences in my previous lives. It has had an impact on me at the present moment. Back then, I was interested also in why, and how it is possible that I am experiencing body pain so often....and at the same time I was able to help people to get rid of their pain quickly. Just by the touch of my hand or even by focusing at the distance on them with a loving intention.

My prayers have been heard finally and a friend of mine advise me to have a session with a Reiki Master and hypnotherapist. It was 1993.

It was a breakthrough moment in my life. I got a cure, I got rid of allergies and pain in my body through energy healing and hypnotherapy, and I have learned a lot about my traumas from previous lives, which caused my health problems today.

I start to study everything possible about energy healing, mind-body alternative treatments, hypnotherapy, past lives regression and life coaching, divine matrix law of creation, mindfulness meditation, and..many other modalities. In the meantime, I went to India to study and practice spirituality, meditation, and Ayurveda...I went many times to Egipt with a group of people I have guided ( the seekers), to explore the secrets and energy of the Pyramids of Giza and the stories about ancient aliens from the Orion constellation, who possibly left behind some kind of tracks in our DNA...

I have been spontaneously triggered to channel divine being OYA from a higher dimension and I learned from Her how to heal people by diving into the State of Light ... I have published 2 books about healing and self-development, many articles, and have recorded a few CD's with my meditation practices as the people labeled me as "healing voice".

Then I found myself on the edge of life, risking death by ectopic pregnancy and I went through serious surgery in the hospital.... but I fixed myself afterward and made myself strong and healthy again very quickly by using subconscious programming and energy healing performing on myself. It was one of those powerful, meaningful experiences you are destined to go through to find a way how not to die but to get even better in a way you can share this experience with others to help them later on. ...on a base of my personal experiences and the knowledge I have gained along the way and years of practice, I start to run my own workshops/healing and self-growth programs...

I did facilitate those workshops for over 15 years in Poland, Europe, and online worldwide. Programs are designed mostly for women's health and self-empowerment and I am continuing to do so nowadays in Australia, Poland, Europe, and online worldwide.

Back in 1993, I have established in Poland (Warsaw) a successful Holistic Therapies Clinique (one of the first in my country at this time) with a help of the Military Committee, powered by a team of alternative practitioners, psychologists, and GPs.... they have worked together under my management, to make people's lives healthier and better.

Then I got NLP Life Coach and Hypnotherapist professional Diplomas, Poland and in Australia.

I've developed my own original modality and became a founder of LFT Life Field Therapy, registered and recognized by IICT.

Anyway... till today I worked mostly as a life coach helping people to be motivated, to reborn to a new life path, to raise self-esteem or get rid of stress or to deal with anger, or solve the conflict in relationships...And it is GOOD.

But you know what.....I think about myself as a Body /Emotional Pain Healer in the first place!

And I have been told over the years by so many people that I am an "Amazing Healing Voice" too.

These are my natural GIFTS!

Any other skills I got by studying and practicing them professionally.

If you feel like being interested in my story and in what I can offer you as a healer, life coach, hypnotherapist, body pain healer, or meditation teacher...

feel free to contact me on messenger

or email: 

Love! Eva May




or online via Skype.

I truly believe I can help.


Eva May

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