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This is spiritual version of LFT Life Field Therapy. For those who are seeking a better connection with the SOURCE and the Light within. For those who are looking for a  spiritual growth.
The foundation of  LFT, mindfulness meditation practice - Heart Centred State is very important to achieve what you are looking for andf to deal with the whole process.
LFT Spiritual Yourney transforms superficial, ordinary consciousness into a State of Light.
It means after that session, one can feel and act as a expression of the Higher Self in a physical body. Your intuition increases, you positiveness and ability to forgive to understand to love to heal....increases enormously. Your spiritual perception of the world around (biger picture) is the only one you have.
The connection with a Spiritual Guidance and Divine Source is established.
There is even more to learn to keep that state in a daily life. It helps to live every moment wisely with ease and follow synchronicity. The healing power, intelligence and creativity, inner wisdom, intuition, inner power and understanding is beyond the common perception. 
Booking Essential.  Payment in advance.