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Classes series held in Waikiki WA.
Every Tuesday evening
6.00 pm - 7.00 pm
Perth WA time zone.


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Guided Meditation - Mindful Breathing - Powerful Invocations -
Calmness & Stillness

Spiritual Healing - Divine Heart Chakra Activation -
Light and Wisdom within - Spiritual Journey.

You DO NOT NEED to have any previous experience in meditation.

This guided meditation  STATE OF LIGHT, breathwork, and healing practice

is a perfect way to calm your mind easily, relax the body, get rid of worries and negative thoughts, cleanse your energy field, recharge yourself and make a positive shift. It helps in spiritual growth and activates the inner compass within.

I am inviting you to join me on this path...practicing meditation, breathwork, spiritual healing, and self-awareness.

Let's dive into the ocean of calmness, stillness, and lightness and then come back to the surface of reality much brighter, wiser, healthier, recharged.


Meditation is highly recommended by scientists, doctors, and psychotherapists...not only by Mindfulness or Zen teachers.

This kind of practice is really beneficial for you if you are able to do that on a daily basis.

This is enough to do it 5-10 minutes a day.

Meditation is a perfect way to calm your mind, restore and recharge energy, to improve your memory and ability to learn.

This is a wonderful tool to treat your mental, emotional, and physical health. It heals depression, chronic pain, and anxiety.

By practicing meditation you are increasing your self-esteem, and becoming more motivated creative, and courageous.

You sleep better, activate the best version of yourself, and have the power to succeed.

You can also improve the quality of the relationships.

Can you imagine, being filled by all these positive vibrations, positive thoughts, and the light of love within? rise and shine, to feel free, to be healed, and to be protected?

Classes are held every Tuesday

6 pm- 7 pm

Perth WA time zone.

Booking and payment in advance are essential.


$25 every single class/60 min