Mindful Breathing * Meditation * Healing

4 Masterclasses - Vertical Mindful Breathing.

To cope with stress, deal with everyday challenges,

calm the mind, change approach and attitude into positive

activate compass within.

Each class lasts 2 hours.

Held every 2 weeks - SATURDAYS

5pm - 7pm


You can participate in one class only

but is highly recommended

to go through the whole process of 4 Masterclasses

to achieve a full beneficial outcome.


The foundation of the technique, 5 steps of practicing Vertical Mindful Breathing©

Quick access to the altered state alpha and theta.

You can learn how easy is focusing on breathing,

calming the mind, balancing emotional state, get rid of tension and stress, relax the body,

and deal with everyday situations with ease.




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The whole program MBMH© - Mindful Breathing Meditation & Healing  4 Masterclasses, this is the training that makes possible to participate in every circumstances of your life in a  deeper state of mind - altered state, with a full awareness.

This is an highly positive, peaceful and energized state - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually fulfilled.

Mindfulness is a must to do in a nowadays which are so chaotic and stressful. We should develop a proper skill to face daily challenges and to succeed.

This training of calming the mind and emotions by vertically breathing slowly, enhances capacity of the brain, memory, the level of creativity, skills to solve any problems, to take care of multitask life challenges - and other.


Another positive outcome of this practice is to be able to develop high level of self-esteemand keep it no matter what, then have a tools to re-empower ourselves anytime.

This is the state of mind-heart coherence which allows you to be intuitively guided, to become more creative and coraugious, to increase and establish self-esteem, to perform non-verbal communication - heart to heart/soul to soul to heal any conflict and to solve relationship problems.



She is a founder of LFT©  then MBMH© founder and facilitator.

She is certified LFT Master Coach, NLP Life Voach, NLP Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, mindfulness meditation facilitator, intuitive.

25 years of professional experience in Poland, Europe, Australia and on-line worldwide.

You can trust Eva's professional experience and knowledge. Over those 25 years she has taught thousands of students and facilitated thousands of individual sessions and workshops.

You can count on Eva's empathy, understanding and intuitiuve insight.


MBMH 4 Masterclasses Series.


6.00pm till 8.00pm - 2 hours

1 Class: 17 Apr  2021

2. Class: 1 May 2021

3. Class: 15 May 2021

4 Class: 29 May 2021

Payment in advance secure your spot.

Only 8 spots available.



1 MBMH Class     - $50

2 MBMH Classes - $90

3 MBMH Classes - $120

4 MBMH Classes - $140

If you want to achieve full potential outcome

then 4 classes in a row are recommended.


Safety Bay WA

5.00 pm - 7.00pm

Booking essential.

Payment in advance.




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Before booking and paying
please contact Eva May about availability.
Email: lftcoachingevamay@gmail.com
or Mob: +61 402526119