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Mindful Breathing * Meditation * Healing

4 Masterclasses series - Vertical Mindful Breathing.

LIVE ZOOM online.

Designed to cope with stress, deal with everyday challenges,

calm the mind, create a shield of protection,

change attitude into a positive one, raise self-esteem,

develop Charismatic ME, activate intuitive compass within,

expand the consciousness to see the bigger picture,

be able to manifest "impossible".

Each class lasts 40 minutes.

Held weekly - SUNDAYS

5 pm - Perth WA time zone.















Is highly recommended

to go through the whole process of 4 Masterclasses

to achieve a full beneficial outcome.


This technique is designed to master the Centered State of Consciousness© (CSC) as an outcome of the 4 masterclasses outcome.


CSC© in other words means a State of Light or Charismatic State if you like.

You are able to achieve it at the end of the practice by following 5 steps. 

  1. Master focusing on the rhythm of the breathing and the movement of the center of your chest.

  2. Master Vertical Mindful Breathing© - to achieve alpha/theta state of mind, get rid of stress, tension, worries, keep your mind very calm, and relax your body.

  3. Spacious breathing through the center of your Central Sun (Divine Heart Chakra) - expanding and cleansing Aura field. This step is helping also to establish a connection with the Higher Self within. 

  4. Creating a shield of protection by making the boundaries of your Aura stronger.

  5. Invoking a powerful, positive mantra - created by your Higher Self just for you and for that very moment. To empower you and to heal you, to achieve a Centered State of Consciousness - State of Light - Charismatic State as an outcome.

This practice can help you to find out and to learn how focusing on breathing could be easy and effective for your mental/emotional health.

It helps calm the mind within seconds, balancing emotional state, getting rid of tension and stress, relaxing the body, and afterward dealing with everyday situations with ease. 




Vertical breathing - Map 1.png


The program MBMH© - Mindful Breathing Meditation & Healing, 4 Masterclasses series, is the training that makes it possible to participate in every circumstance of your life in a deeper state of the mind / altered state, with full awareness, and to deal with every problem effectively.

This is a highly positive, peaceful, and energized state - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually fulfilled.

Mindfulness practices are a must to do nowadays because life is chaotic and stressful. We should develop the proper skills to face daily challenges and to succeed.

This training enhances the capacity of the brain and memory, the level of creativity develops skills to solve any problems to take care of multitasking life challenges - and others.

Another positive outcome of this practice is to be able to develop a high level of self-esteem and keep it no matter what.

This is the state of mind-heart coherence which allows you to be intuitively guided, to become more creative and courageous, to increase and establish self-esteem, to perform non-verbal communication - heart to heart/soul to soul to heal any conflict and to solve relationship problems.



She is a founder of LFT© then MBMH© -Centered State of Consciousness founder and facilitator.

She is a certified LFT Master Coach, NLP Life Coach, NLP Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Healer and Teacher, mindfulness meditation facilitator, intuitive. 

25 years of professional experience in Poland, Europe, Australia, and online worldwide.

You can trust Eva's professional experience and knowledge. Over those 25 years, she has taught thousands of students and facilitated thousands of individual sessions and workshops. 

You can count on Eva's empathy, understanding, and intuitive insight.


zdj Eva May.jpg

MBMH 4 Masterclasses Series.


SUNDAYS live ZOOM online

5 pm - 40 min/each class.

Payment in advance secure your spot.


$160 - 4 classes



if you repeat edition.

Access to the classes video recorded via Student's Portal included.





If you have any questions
please contact Eva May about availability.

or Mob: +61 402526119
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