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Centered State of Consciousness©

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WHO created that practice.
This practice is created by Eva May - LFT© Master Coach and Mindfulness Meditation teacher. It is based on 28 years of professional experience.

WHAT IS Centered State of Consciousness©

This mindfulness practice is part of each life coaching or healing session and workshop of LFT© Life Empowerment and Spiritual Growth either, according to Eva's May LFT teachings. In addition to this practice which is recommended to use on a daily basis to cope with life challenges and develop assertive, charismatic SELF, there is an advanced/spiritual version of it, named the State of Light©.


Centered State of Consciousness© or the State of Light©, are both final results of the mindfulness practice MBMH© - Mindful Breathing Meditation & Healing.


Both states are the result of practicing breathwork, mindfulness meditation, Divine Heart Chakra activation with Light within, expanding the energy field and aura cleansing, shifting from a common personality into an embodiment of Higher Self. More videos and info on the web page

THE DIFFERENCE between Centered State of Consciousness© and the State of Light©.




The core of the difference is placed on the INTENTION and GOAL you start the practice with. Is important for you to be sure, what kind of state of consciousness do you want to achieve at the end of the practice, and what for.

Centered State of Consciousness - we are mastering that to become the best version of ourselves in daily life. Charismatic, and courageous selves to overcome everyday challenges with ease, represent an assertive-creative-wise-balanced personality, be able to set life-business goals wisely, and then succeed.

State of Light - this is a spiritual state of consciousness. We master it for spiritual healing purposes, to heal ourselves and others, and to change the vibration of the environment into the higher frequencies of peace, love, understanding, and care.

HOW to master Centered State of Consciousness©

You can purchase a pre-recorded 4 MBMH© 
Mindfulness Masterclasses series, to master your meditation skills, raise consciousness, and achieve Centered State of Consciousness© or the State of Light©, to use it to deal with everyday challenges with ease and succeed. Please email me before ordering.

is NOT a regular mindfulness meditation or relaxation practice.
It is leading you to achieve Centered State of Consciousness/State of Light
This IS a Charismatic, fully Active, and Creative State you can apply on a daily basis to cope with everyday challenges and stress with your higher potential - becoming a representation of the Best Version of Yourself.

It is the highest state of consciousness, a Charismatic State built of mental/emotional/spiritual/body language equilibrium and alignment - representation of The Best Version of Yourself.

The whole mindfulness practice (if you are keen to practice it every day), triggers a multidimensional positive transformation (within the personal hologram of life).

In other words, we can call it a Radical Positive Shift - within personal, business areas, relationships, and spirituality.
It changes your negative beliefs, habits, toxic patterns, and behaviors....into positive, creative ones.

The positive results are visible AT ONCE after the first LFT
© Masterclass session.

HOW to master
Centered State of Consciousness
/State of Light

ABOUT the video.
In the video above, created by Eva May, you got a profound introduction and the whole practice - what is the Centered State of Consciousness©
You are guided by Eva's healing voice through the whole mindfulness practice, till the moment you are able to achieve the Centered State of Consciousness©, or in other words...
State of Light
©.The centered State of Consciousness©.

SPECIAL Interest Tribe.

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run by Eva May

Centered State -Mindfulness Meditation

Practice for Self-Empowerment.


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Meetings powered by SACRED COMMUNITY platform

Held fortnightly

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60 min each


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you pay $10 each time.

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