Chronic pain has a background, has a deeply hiden source which is unsolved emotional trauma, kept permanently by subconscious mind and written in a body cellular memory. As soon as the memory of the trauma is unveiled and healed, chronic pain is healed too and vanished. Numeric Codes are powerfull healing tool. At the ened of the session it has been invoked out loud along with the powerfull, individualy created healing afirmations. Those healing sound/meaning/numeric vibrations are penetrating body mind and aura of the client. Are able to re-program subconscious mind and get rid of trauma and chronic pain for good. This is the way to get rid of other toxic programs as: fear, stress, panic attacks, depression, toxic patterns, addictions, mental/emotional toxic states.

This is Fast Track Treatment created by Eva  May LFT Master Coach, based on 20 years of her professional experience. Highly effective and powerful.  Communication with subconscious mind under soft hypnotic state. Recommended for the clients who are familiar to meditation, relaxation, affirmation, self-hypnosis, theta healing or similar practices. For other clients is highly recomended try first LFT Life Coaching initial session for being  introduced to those practices.

Pain/Trauma Treatment by NUMERIC CODES: Subs 60 min



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