Body Pain * Trauma * Stress


Individual sessions 1:1
Alternative treatment by the  Healing Codes.


Healing Codes - alternative pain treatment
include 4 components:

1.Words 2.Numbers 3.Energy
4. Soft Hypnotic Induction

These modality has nothing to do with Numerology.
This is a Fast Track Treatment.
Based on the power of the numbers, words, meanings, and their healing vibration imprinted into the body cells by the powerful  healing voice of the practitioner - Eva May.
Chronic pain is usually caused by emotional trauma
which has been kept for a long time in a cellular memory of the body.  It is able to be healed to the point of total vanishing by soft hypnotic induction powered by invoking out loud numeric codes and the healing meanings (affirmations) created for that and only individual problem.
Applying a Healing Codes (invoking them with a powerful, healing voice) is triggering a process of pain/trauma releasement.
Each code is different, is personal
delivered by a subconscious mind during the session.
As soon as the client gets altered state guided by the practitioner, then the subconscious is ready to unveil the personal Healing Code, which is related to the individual emotional story hidden behind that pain.

The process of pain/trauma  releasement
is able  to reprogramme subconscious mind into a healthy state free of pain and trauma.

Healing Codes are being imprinted into the painful areas of the body, under soft hypnotic induction.
It creates a positive and transformational impact on a subconscious mind....then on the physical body.

The personal HEALING CODE is generated in this and only specific moment in time.
It could be different after 3 or 7 days of treatment.

It combines numbers and some powerful words of a meaning associated to the client's emotional story which is hidden behind that pain and is related with those numbers.

The HEALING CODE is able to reset the traces of trauma from client's emotional body (from the past lives too) and is able to reset the pain from the physical body  as well.

We are talking about the pain, which the client is experiencing at the present moment as the result of some previous trauma.

Client is advised  at the end of the session to invoke ONLY the healing numbers. 
Those numbers are able to trick the ego, and do not allow it to sabotage the process. Ego does not understand the meaning of the numbers, does not know what to do with that and is not able to intervene.

At the top of all that,  the healing voice of Eva May is also important in the whole process.

She is  verbalizing the numbers and the meaning of the Healing Code out loud.
Vibration and the tone of her voice is helping to imprint the Healing Code into the body and into subconscious mind. At the  end of the session the client will find himself free of pain and relaxed.

You will be able to get rid of a chronic pain very fast, sometimes  within one session only.

But to keep and establish that state for good,  the client needs to work by himself with the Healing Code for some time or...comeback to have a few subsequent sessions with Eva May.
Eva May is a Founder
of that effective alternative treatment based on science, the knowledge how the subconscious mind works and her 25 years of professional experience. She used to perform those sessions over many years with a great success.

She has helped hundreds of people to get rid of pain for good, and heal the trauma hidden behind, to change their life's for the better.


1) Session 1:1  at Safety Bay WA


2) Session via Skype on-line

    60 min/$60

Booking essential. Payment in advance.
Client Feedback
Hey Eva,
Wow. What a session today! I am so grateful to you and know that our paths were truly meant to cross. I’m still blown away and so in awe of your healing power. I came to you with a severe back pain and at the end of the session I could feel it only a little. I am sure that many people will want this magic in their lives. On top of that I am stepped into my true power and am so excited for the journey ahead. Love & blessings to you for being you.  Ricky Embleton.