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Eva's background is spiritual healing and meditation practices.
She does individual healing sessions:

*Face to face at Waikiki WA*
*Distance healing on-line face to face via camera*
*Distance healing with no camera*

You can get access to the free recorded sessions on youtube.

Eva May is known as a Healing Voice and her energy is capable to calm your mind, softening your body, easing physical and emotional pain, or healing whatever you need to be healed, very quickly.
Eva is able to do that by focusing on you remotely, sending the energy supported by a powerful healing invocation and her soft healing voice heard by your subconscious and sensed by your body.
At the beginning of each session, she offers blissful deep relaxation and mindful breathing to help you calm down and stay open for receiving.
Then...all you need to feel better,
is going to happen.

Exchange the energy is
1 session/30min - $40

To order a session please contact Eva
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