NLP - Hypnotherapy is designed to deal with subconsciouss, to make a positive shift by changing old patterns into the new healthy ones. Highly effective to get rid of fear, worries, mental chaos, toxic habits, behaviors, thoughts, emotions, relationships, other...and create healthy, positive ones. It is also fantastic way to re-invent ourselves. 
Session Covers:
*Changing old negative habits.
*Imprint new, positive habits and reactions.
*Change negative believes.
*Imprint new, positive believes.
*Setting positive mindset and values.
*Setting strong, positive self-esteem.
*Activate the skills to cope with stress and preasure.
*Get rid of fear to yalk and present ourself.
*Get rid of fear to cope with a challange.
*Get rid of fear of being not enough.
*Imprint believe " I am good enough".
* Other......
Session 1:1/ lasts 60 minutes
Booking Essential.
Payment in advance.