Body Work & Healing


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Bodywork & Healing

can be helpful

for issues including:

Stress, tension, trauma, anxiety, anger, fear.


Physical pain issues.


Emotional overwhelm, depression.


Exhaustion, insomnia.


Mental - compulsive thinking.


Lack of love and care.


Inner child issues.


Pre-natal trauma in the mother's womb.


Trust issues, fear to be loved and appreciated.


"Not allowing ourself" issues.


"Let it go" issues.


Emotional blockages -

acquired in this life or in a previous life

stored in the cellular memory of the body.




PULSING Bodywork & Healing is an alternative treatment but this is also blissful and deeply relaxing experience beyond the words.
During the session, client is lying on a masage table, fully dressed, covered by the soft, warm blanket. Just within minutes from the start of PULSING session, client becomes relaxed, free of tension and worries, relieved and stay passive.   Practitioner's soft voice, repeating positive affirmations, is helping to dive into "let go" process, which is a foundation of this kind of healing.
Delicate movement/pulsation of the client's body, is created by practitioner and resembles the swaying of a baby in its mother's womb or in a cradle or in the peaceful water.
Pulsing creates subtle waves throughout the fluids of the body, positively impacting the organs, joints & muscles. It works with blockages held in your body. Helps release physical and emotional blockages.
This technique uses rocking, swinging stretching, jiggling, lifting, shaking,  subtle pulses of diiferent parth of client's body (shoulders, neck, head, chest, back, arms, legs).
Gentle, nurturing movements/pulsing, helps to feel deeply relaxed, safe and loved again.
The practitioner puts her whole body in a soft swing then by using her hands gently placed on different parts of the client's body, creates a constant rhythmic motion - pulsing.
The client's body begins to sway as well in the same rhythm, mirroring the practitioner's movement. The body starts release its tension, trauma and pain.
Pulsing acts gently and deeply to release emotional stress, tension and trauma held in the body.
It reaches the sources of pre-natal and past life traumatic experiences.
The memories of painful events from the past are stored in a body cells as energetic imprints and can be held in various parts of our body/psyche/aura field, effecting the way we perceive life or how we feel physicaly or react emotionaly.

Pulsing Bodywork & Healing is able to discharge the negative energy stuck in the body and heals the wounded heart and soul.
Energy once held in the form of resentment, fear and stress by freeing it during the session, allows us to live our life in a full potential and be happy again.
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Payment in advance required.

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