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healing treatment

Swinging Body Work
Positive Induction
Healing Voice


Mental * Emotional * Physical


What you can expect during

Pulsing & Bliss Treatment.

The practitioner is using healing energy

a healing voice

and a soft bodywork

causing delicate body swinging

which helps

to feel deeply relaxed


start the return journey

to mother's womb.

This kind of treatment is helping

to heal and solve

some hidden issues


Stress, tension, trauma, anxiety, anger, fear.


Physical/emotional pain.


Emotional overwhelm, depression.


Exhaustion, insomnia.


Mental-compulsive thinking.


Fill up the lack of love and care.


Inner child issues.


Prenatal trauma in the mother's womb.


Trust issues, fear to be loved and appreciated.


"Not allowing ourselves" issues.


"Let it go" issues.


Emotional blockages -

acquired in this life or in a previous life

stored in the cellular memory of the body.


*PULSING & BLISS Treatment, is a soft and caring bodywork, similar to swinging in the water or in the mother's womb.

*In that case, the regular pulsing is extended with positive subconscious induction (affirmations), provided by the healing voice of the practitioner and with energy healing.
*All those modalities being applied together, guarantees
blissful and deeply relaxing experience beyond the words.

*Before the session starts, the Practitioner asks the Client, what he or she wants to heal, change or improve in terms of stress or heaviness releasement.

*Then Practitioner along with the Client's help and acceptance, creates short but powerful, individual affirmation to use during the process to fill up Client's subconscious mind with positive induction.

*During the session Client is fully dressed, lying on a massage table, covered by a soft blanket.

*Practitioner is starting swinging softly the client's body and relaxation music supports the process.

*Within minutes from the start of the PULSING & BLISS session, the Client is diving deep into a relaxation state, free of tension and worries, staying passive and relaxed, focused on his/her inner journey.

*Practitioner's soft voice, repeating positive affirmations, and constant swinging soft pulsation of the Client's body is helping dive into
the "let go" process, which is the foundation of this treatment.

*It resembles the swaying of a baby in its mother's womb or in a cradle or in the peaceful water.

*Pulsing creates subtle waves throughout the fluids of the body, positively impacting the organs, joints & muscles.

*It helps get rid of blockages held in the body. Helps release physical and emotional trauma.
*This technique uses rocking, swinging stretching, jiggling, lifting, shaking,  making subtle pulses of different parts of the Client's body (shoulders, neck, head, chest, back, arms, legs).

*Gentle, nurturing movements/pulsing, helps to feel deeply relaxed, safe, and loved again.

*The practitioner puts the whole Client's body in a soft swing, by using hands gently placed on a client's shoulders, arms, or legs, creating a constant rhythmic motion - pulsing.

*The Client's body begins to sway as well in the same rhythm, mirroring the practitioner's movement. The body starts to release its tension, trauma, and pain.

*Pulsing acts gently and deeply to release emotional stress, tension, and trauma held in the body.
It reaches the sources of pre-natal and past life traumatic experiences. Energy flows.

*Practitioner is using a soft subconscious induction, repeating positive affirmation out loud and it is leading directly into a positive mental/emotional shift.

*The memories of painful events from the past are stored in body cells as energetic imprints and can be held in various parts of our body/psyche/aura field, affecting the way we perceive life or how we feel physically or react emotionally.

*Pulsing & Bliss treatment is able to discharge the negative energy stuck in the body and heals the wounded heart and soul.

*Toxic energy once held in the form of resentment, fear and stress by freeing it during the session, allows you to live your life in a full potential and be happy again. 


Payment in advance required.

Contact email:

FIRST SESSION 25% Discount

- $60/60 min.


60 min/$80

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