Webinar for Women

on-line live via ZOOM

Powerful tools, insight, practical training
How to communicate with a man
in a way
to be listened to and respected.

This webinar is designed for women

who want to understand men's way of thinking and reacting.

Then learn how to communicate with a man to get an amazing outcome:

to be listen, understood and respected.

To get a win-win result in every arguing situation...

but with no arguing or pushing at all!

​ Let's explore a men's way of thinking.


What triggers them to say YES or say NO, or say NOTHING,

or RUN, or FIGHT.


This is vital to know all those 8 Strategies

if you want to develop great, loving relationship.


This is on a woman side to understand

what makes her man listen to her and respect her

or... what makes him run or fight or ignore

her messages.


Let's develop significant skills of verbal and non verbal communication,

to have a positive impact on them,

to get every conflict transform into a win-win positive outcome.

Let's finally get to be heard and respected by your man.

Saturday 27 March at 4 pm - 40 min.

This is on-line webinar

live via ZOOM.

Lasts 40 min.

Cost: $40 - live attendance

(video recording and PDF tip sheet included)


Booking and payment in advance required.


If you are not able attend in person, don't worry!

You can purchase webinar video recording + tip sheet on PDF

and watch it later - $30

To order please contact the host Eva May.


Link to ZOOM live access on-line,

will be sent to confirmed attendees 4 hours before event starts.



Participants must have Zoom installed on their device

to be able to participate in this webinar.

Upload ZOOM application on your device

and do a test check sound-microphone and camera-video

BEFORE event starts.

You will be able join webinar room as the host will start the event at her end.

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Booking and payment in advance essential.